The Starter

Before embarking on a full-scale SEO and digital marketing strategy, it's important to get established with the basics. This basic service package is designed to bring existing websites up to modern search engine standards. If you don't have a website, let's get you setup with one.

Option 1: Bring my site up to speed

There are many factors that keep a site from ranking well in Google. Whether it’s slow page-load speed or information that is not properly optimized, this site audit will diagnose all of the issues that are keeping your site from performing well. This service option provides the fundamentals necessary to get your site on the right rack to performing well. You can request a free website audit to get started. 

Option 2: I don’t have a website yet

No problem! You can generate a lot of exposure for your business by creating a simple website. And the good news is you don't have to break the budget to get moving. You'll benefit from the knowledge of SEO best practices to make sure your website is search-engine ready from the moment it launches. 

Other key things you'll get when you use this website-creation service:

  • Keyword research report to learn how potential customers are searching for your services. 
  • Writing optimized content for your site that is search-engine ready. 
  • Proactive steps to make sure your site loads quickly, which is an important factor in SEO rankings.
  • Setup and deployment of your website.