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The Retainer

The way to truly achieve longterm SEO success is to have a trusted expert who will continually work at it for you. The Retainer option was designed to give you just that. This service is about giving businesses the option of ongoing, longterm digital marketing support for a reasonable set monthly price. No extra billable hours or surprise charges - that's a promise.

 The Retainer option gives you: 

  • All of Grassroot SEO's Next-Level services
  • Google analytics tracking and monthly reporting
  • Bi-monthly organic performance and rank reporting
  • Competitive metrics on other businesses in your field
  • Research on new content opportunities plus creation and promotion of that content
  • Site enhancements based on data reports
  • Link-building recommendations, strategy, and monitoring
  • Social media strategy
  • Access to the latest search engine trends and features to help you connect with customers beyond the scope of the website.