For small local businesses: 3 ways seo can help you stand out

If you're running a business of any size, chances are you've thought about how digital marketing and SEO can help you reach customers. 

Research shows companies that invest in search-marketing strategy (even a minimal amount) can lead to healthy business growth. Hubspot recently published a thorough - and very skimmable - report titled The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics, showing the concrete connection between online search behavior and business transactions. 

Laying Your SEO Groundwork - Three Basic Things to Consider

There are many building blocks in a solid SEO foundation, but here are three important checkpoints to make sure your digital strategy is headed in the right direction:

1. Your website is answering customers' most pressing questions. This is where all successful SEO starts: knowing what potential customers are asking for, and delivering the answers better than your competition.

It's great to talk about the quality of your business, what makes you unique, and other competitive differentiators. But it's important to remember anytime someone uses a search engine, what they're ultimately doing is asking for something they want RIGHT NOW: "best cup of coffee in KC", "happy hours that start before noon", "cat-friendly restaurants."   

Keyword research can provide more clarity here.  An experienced SEO professional can analyze search engine keyword data to reveal what information people are looking for within your industry - and then create a strategy to help you answer those questions. It's a valuable way to establish trust in your brand and increase the likelihood that people will seek your business in the future.  

2. Your messages are reaching the right audience. There are a lot of ways to promote your business in addition to having a website. But what platforms should you invest time in? Does every business need a presence on Facebook? Should you strive to be a LinkedIn thought leader? Do your customers want Instagram pictures of your tractor-repair business? 

Using consumer research can help you take the guesswork out of what platforms are most likely to help you connect with potential customers. Many people will also get business information online without ever visiting a website. And it's important to put in the research time so you can learn what digital channels can deliver that experience for your business.  

3. Your website passes Google's technical grade card. There are many technical factors that can make the difference between a site that ranks well and one that search engine's pass over. These factors can include code-based issues, unsatisfactory user experience, and slow page-load time, among  many others. Make sure these issues are not negatively impacting your site and, thus, your business. Once again, an experienced SEO can help you here.

Find Your SEO Professional and Get Started

One of the best ways to get started in SEO is with a comprehensive audit of your website and other digital platforms. This process can provide important information about enhancements needed for your site, as well as explanations about what fixes can lead to the greatest potential benefit fit your business. A website audit provides a clear view of where your site is today, and creates a clear path for getting things on the right track. 

If online growth is something you would like to explore for your company, Grassroot SEO is one Kansas City company that will happily provide a free website audit and consultation, so you can decide if pursing SEO is right for you.